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Using this site is a great start, but your journey should not end here. There’s a lot of other resources that can help your business start, grow and prosper and we encourage you to draw on their expertise. Provided below are the details of some of these organizations, including us!


BDC Logo

With a focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises, BDC helps create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory services and capital. Learn more

Catapult Entrepreneurs

Catapult Entrepreneurs Logo

Catapult works as a business incubator and accelerator serving Central Alberta, providing support to entrepreneurs who have a new business or innovation and want help developing their idea. Learn more

Central Alberta Access Prosperity

Central Alberta Access Prosperity Logo

Access Prosperity is a comprehensive network and information resource that works with industry leaders, business experts and government bodies to facilitate growth, expansion and diversification. Learn more

Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP)

Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) Logo

The Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) stimulates economic growth through strategic regional partnerships by connecting members to tools, resources, training and people. Learn more

Community Futures Central Alberta

Community Futures Central Alberta Logo

Community Futures provides a wide range of small business services and business management tools for people wanting to start, expand, franchise or sell a business. Learn more

Innisfail & District Chamber of Commerce

Innisfail & District Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Chamber connects businesses of all sizes and sectors around Innisfail and district to advocate for public policies that foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits all area businesses. Learn more

Invest Alberta

Invest Alberta Logo

Providing a centralized, coordinated service to support foreign investors throughout the investment and business expansion process, Invest Alberta is a one-stop government connection to doing business in Alberta. Learn more

Red Deer College (RDC)

Red Deer College (RDC) Logo

RDC is continuing to grow programs, facilities and opportunities as it transitions to become a comprehensive regional teaching university during the next three to five years. Learn more

Red Deer County

Red Deer County Logo

Offering a wide range of lifestyles, industries and opportunities, Red Deer County is located in the heart of Alberta in proximity to three of Western Canada’s largest and wealthiest cities. Learn more

Tourism Red Deer

Tourism Red Deer Logo

Tourism Red Deer strives to be the collective voice of tourism stakeholders and the lead entity for innovative tourism marketing in Central Alberta. Learn more

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